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Frequently Asked Questions

I have clear coat on my car. Will you replace it?
Most late model vehicles have a finish that is called "basecoat/clearcoat" which is a urethane paint that is applied in two successive stages. The first stage "basecoat" consists of three to four coats of the actual color (base), waiting the recommended time in between coats. The second stage -- the clear urethane which adds the depth, gloss and ultraviolet protectant -- is typically applied in two to three layers over the base using the same method. If you have a “single stage” colored car, it means that the clear urethane has been integrated directly into the color. A tri-coat has an additional layer of a pearl color in between the base and clear. Dealers sometimes call an added on layer of wax a “clear coat” and it may be something you purchased with your vehicle. If that is the case, you must wait at least 60 days before reapplying the “clear coat” product. We can make provisions to reapply the wax after 60 days or you can take your vehicle back to the dealership after 60 days.

Should I have my car undercoated?
Undercoating can be a good thing, however car manufacturers have gotten much better at protecting the insides and bottom surfaces of the vehicles they are building from rust. The cars currently being built are generally well protected from the factory. When we repair or replace panels, we restore the corrosion protection to insides and bottoms of panels. An undercoating process can also become a bad thing if the company doing the undercoating drills holes into panels in order to gain access to their backsides. Rust can easily form where the metal has been exposed which will cause worse rusting than doing nothing at all. Don’t let anyone poke unnecessary holes in your car!

Then how do I keep my car from rusting?
The best thing you can do to extend the life of your vehicle’s body is to wash it frequently. Be sure to clean in the wheel wells and underneath the car on a regular basis. Applying a basic coat of wax will make it easier to clean but you don’t need fancy waxes and aftermarket undercoatings when you take care of your vehicle by keeping it clean.

When can I wash my car after it has been painted?
You can wash your car right away with soap and water. Just be sure to wait 60 days before waxing.

If I want to have my car repainted, do you take all of the old paint off?
It depends on the reason your car needs new paint. If your original paint is delaminating, severely oxidised, spider-cracking or was an incompatible enamel or lacquer, it will have to be completely stripped and the car reprimed before repainting. However, if your original paint surface is solid, it may just need to be sanded for adhesion before repainting.

What do you recommend for protecting a new vehicle?
Keeping a new car in a "new" condition is very important. We recommend P-39 Polymer II™ Paint Sealant for exterior protection. This product will provide a deep shine while providing 6 months of protection against all the harmful elements. For the interior we recommend APG-88 Pro® Gard™ Fabric Protector to protect against stains. Pro®-Gard™ is a popular polymer based fabric protector. This product provides a protective coating that repels stains, soils, grime and eliminates static buildup on carpets, upholstery and fabrics.

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